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Pokemon wants list!

Check out my Pokemon wants under the cut!

  • Eeveelutions Best Wishes plush

Tomy Best Wishes plush

  • Eevee's Lollipop charms

            Already obtained: Espeon, Umbreon, and Flareon

  • Egg plush

Takara Tomy Egg plush

  • Reversible Woobat plush

Reversible Woobat plush

  • Eeveelutions gashapon figures

Tomy eeveelutions gashapon figures

  • I Love Marine - Piplup super dx plush, Lapras plush, Marill plush

I Love Marine super dx plush
I Love Marine plush 1
I Love Marine plush 2

  • I Love Gothic - Gengar super dx plush, Croagunk super dx plush, Umbreon plush, Espeon plush

I Love Gothic super dx plush
I Love Gothic plush 1
I Love Gothic plush 2

  • Pikachu patchwork doll

Pikachu patchwork doll

  • Meowstic male and female plush

X and Y plush

  • Pokecenter Eevee peeking plush

Pokecenter peeking plush

  • Eeveelutions and Piplup mini pokedoll keychains

            Already obtained: Umbreon and Flareon

Eeveelutions mini pokedolls

  • Pitapoke eeveelutions

Pitapoke eeveelutions

  • Mew, Leafeon, and Glaceon clip n carry pokeballs

Mew clip n carry master ballLeafeon clip n carry pokeballGlaceon clip n carry pokeball

  • Piplup vs Meloetta and Eevee vs Meloetta 2 packs

Piplup vs Meloetta figuresEevee vs Meloetta figures

  • Inkay Pokedoll

Inkay Pokedoll

  • Espurr, Amaura, or Goomy Pokecenter plush

Pokemon Center plush

  • Eeveelutions Pokemon Center standing plush

              Already obtained: Glaceon

Eeveelutions Pokecenter standing plush

GRAIL: Pokemon Time Gengar Plush
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